Analysts are pointing to Dem. candidate Danny O’Connor’s last minute admission that he’d vote for Nancy Pelosi as Speaker of the House as possibly costing him support in yesterday’s special election in the OH-12:

And from the Cook Political Report’s Dave Wasserman:

Here’s the exchange where MSNBC’s Chris Matthews got him to admit the truth:

And the GOP jumped all over it:

Republicans are telling reporters that this made a difference in the race:

O’Connor talked about Pelosi’ being “toxic” — CNN’s word, not ours — among “some” voters, saying Dems are ready for a “new generation of leadership.” John Berman let him off the hook and didn’t ask him to explain his Matthews comment:

But over on MSNBC, he flip-flopped back to “no I won’t” vote for Pelosi for Speaker:

Yeah, right. We’re pretty sure that if his vote made the difference between a Dem vs. a GOP for Speaker, he’d vote for Pelosi. The media folks interviewing him should call him on this.