This adorable 10-year-old Iowa girl was selling homemade cookies so she could buy clothes for school, but her neighbors ruined everything and called the cops on her:

Three times. They called the cops three times because she’s that much of a menace:

According to The Courier, the neighbors thought the cookie operation posed a safety risk to the community because it was too successful:

Neighbor Melissa Winberg said she called police because the traffic coming in and out of the Paddington Drive was dangerous.

“We’ve had too many people coming in that we don’t know,” Winberg said. “My daughter was in our driveway riding her bike, and a car pulled in and almost hit her.”

Winberg parked her car along her driveway to prevent people from pulling in to turn around.

“We had three semis, a dump truck and four cars parked along the road,” Winberg said. “To be honest, if her mom wants to open a cookie shop, there are other ways of doing it than making her 10-year-old daughter sit on the corner for seven hours a day.”

And according to the report, she can keep selling the cookies, but not on the highly-trafficked corner:

What is wrong with people that they would crush this little girl’s operation like this?