Perhaps you’ve seen this photo flying around from President Trump’s rally in Ohio on Saturday? It is causing quite the stir right now on the twitter [dot] com:

It was taken by photographer Jeremy Pelzer:

More on the two in the photo from Pelzer:

The two friends from the city of Delaware said they came out to the rally because they’ve never seen a president in person before. Asked about their shirts, Alicie (left) said he didn’t understand why Trump is getting so much criticism about Russia when Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama weren’t similarly scrutinized. Asked what he would tell Democrats, Alicie said, “To jump on board this train and give him a chance.”

So these two guys hopped in a car and drove to Ohio to watch President Trump and trolled Dems with this shirt and now it’s gone viral:

And leave it to Comfortably Smug to come up with the PERFECT response to it all: