According to a new report in The Hill, Rep. Mark Meadows is backing off his call to impeach Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein:

From The Hill:

When asked if he does not receive the documents they are seeking by the time the House returns from August recess, Meadows said, “I think the very first order of business would be moving the House to a contempt vote.”

“I think it is our desire to have more of a contempt process, which obviously has to have a partner with the Speaker and I think hopefully they will at least acknowledge we’ve made some reasonable concessions to give DOJ and FBI,” Meadows told a scrum of reporters.

This would be quite the change of heart from last night:

Speaker of the House Paul Ryan had earlier in the day told reporters that he did not support impeachment:

And there were only 11 Republicans in total who signed on for this:

And Rep. Meadows admitted they didn’t have the votes for impeachment during speech on the House floor:

But it does sound like they’re making progress at getting documents from the DOJ, which is good: