Body camera footage shows Harith Augustus reach for a gun before being shot by Chicago police officer

Posted at 8:10 pm on July 15, 2018 by Greg P.

The Chicago Police Department has released body camera footage of the officer-involved shooting of Harith Augustus on Saturday that shows he was reaching for a holstered gun when shot:


From the Washington Post:

Police Superintendent Eddie T. Johnson said he released the footage with rare speed to dispel rumors that Augustus was unarmed and to defuse public outrage in Chicago, where the shooting has prompted protests and confrontations with police.

“I have an obligation to this city, to the community, and to these police officers, to make sure this city is safe and calm,” Johnson said in a news conference. “We can’t have another night like that.”

Before the footage was released today, a narrative was quickly building that cops shot Augustus in the back as was running away:


Moms Demand founder Shannon Watts accused the cops of racism over the shooting:

And the Women’s March account tweeted that Augustus was murdered by the police:


A new protest is currently underway, despite the video: