Parkland survivor and now professional activist David Hogg is really angry at the now-debunked story of on the Pentagon and “promised citizenship to immigrants”:

Keep in mind the reason these immigrants were discharged was because the Pentagon could not complete background checks on them. Or is the gun-control advocate now saying that we don’t need background checks to purchase military-style assault weapons? It’s all so confusing:

More on the debunking of the story here:

And here’s the part that gets into the difficulty of the background checks which Hogg doesn’t seem should be an issue:

All military applicants must undergo background checks. According to Air Force Maj. Carla Gleason, a Pentagon spokeswoman, roughly 1,100 are still waiting to begin basic training pending the completion of background investigations conducted by the National Background Investigations Bureau.

But these background checks are not uniform processes. For an 18-year-old enlisting straight out of high school in, say, Kentucky, the process can be fairly quick for logistical reasons, like the ease of contacting a recruit’s family, readily accessible information about past residences, relationships with dubious figures, and so on.

By contrast, the typical MAVNI recruit has a much more complex life story. Many hail from countries like Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Nigeria, where terror groups are highly active and poor government record-keeping can make it exceedingly difficult for investigators to determine whether the recruit poses a security threat.



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