The Twitter account for Customs and Border Patrol in Arizona shared the story a 6-year-old Costa Rican boy who they found abandoned by a smuggler earlier this month.

agents rescued a 6-year-old Costa Rican boy after he was abandoned by a smuggler on an AZ border road during extreme heat,” the account tweeted:

But there’s a family-separation twist. The smuggler, in this case, was the boy’s uncle who just left him there hoping the Border Patrol would find him. From CBP:

Agents discovered the child west of Lukeville, Arizona and just north of the border, in temperatures over 100 degrees. The child told agents he was dropped off by his uncle and that Border Patrol would pick him up. He added that he was on his way to see his mother in the U.S.

This is the immigration crisis the media isn’t talking about: An immigrant illegally in the U.S. allows her child to be left in the desert under the assumption that CBP will find the child and then eventually reunite her with the child knowing that she’s in the U.S. illegally. Trump was correct when he said our system encourages this type of risky behavior and it must end: