On her first day in the spotlight, new Dem hero Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez already had to backtrack after saying the government was running “black sites” to house migrant detainees on the border.

Ocasio-Cortez said:

“…and that is why [ICE is] able to get away with black sites on our border with the separation of children. We are committing human rights abuses on this border in separating children from their families and this is part of the structure of the agency, we can replace it…”

But then she walked that back a bit and claimed the term “black site” was appropriate because of the “secrecy” around the facilities.

Have a watch:

Maybe she’s not quite ready for the spotlight:

But, never fear! Chris Hayes is here to help! Now, we don’t know exactly which lawsuit he’s referring to, but we will point out that it sounds like he just confirmed that these very same sites existed during the Obama administration which has us asking, “why didn’t any of you guys care about the ‘black sites’ then?”

Either way, a rough first day for the savior of the Democratic party.



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