On her show last night, Rachel Maddow showed footage smuggled out of a shelter in East Harlem, NYC via attorney Michael Avenatti which she says shows the heartbreaking result of President Trump’s zero-tolerance policy that has resulted in the separation of parents caught entering the U.S. illegally from their  kids…

…But that’s not what the video actually shows.

According to the description of events from the little girl, named Jessica, it sounds like she was taken into custody as an unaccompanied minor with her 10-year-old sister.  Her mom, we learn, is in Virginia and not ICE custody.

“Did you come with your mom?” Jessica shakes her head “no”:

“You come alone?” Jessica replies, “With my sister”:

“Is she in immigration?” Jessica shakes her head “no”:

The mom is in Virginia and Jessica has been speaking to her:

Full clip here:

This is a repeat of the TIME magazine cover fiasco where the media is using a heartbreaking image to further an agenda than just reporting on what’s in the actual photo or in this case, a video.