It’s getting ugly in New York City as supporters of Dem primary challenger and Obama administration veteran Suraj Patel are turning to social media to help identify a supporter of incumbent Dem Rep. Carolyn Maloney for the crime of … putting up campaign signs?

According to this Patel-supporting tattle-tale, this same volunteer was seen taking down Patel signs earlier which in the history of New York City Democratic politics has to be the most tame thing we’ve ever heard of:

Democratic operative Lis Smith, who broke up with Eliot Spitzer in 2015, tweeted the image to her 40,000+ Twitter followers to help identify the Maloney-sign supporter:

So much for civility.

Patel is running against Maloney over her past support of the Iraq war, NCLB and ICE:

Primary turnout is NYC is historically low, so anything could happen!



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