There is no way we can ever watch MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell the same way ever again after reading this unbelievable stat for the 71-year-old, 5’7″ anchor:

According to Wikipedia, the average espresso shot has 64 mg of caffeine. 64 mg times 16 is a whopping 1024 mg of caffeine per day. The Mayo Clinic says up to 400 mg “appears to be safe.”

But if this is true, that’s damn impressive:

Along with the caffeine, she’s fueled by bananas, M&Ms and lactose-free yogurt:

She’s fueled by bananas, peanut M&Ms, lactose-free yogurt, and around 16 espressos a day. (“Sometimes I live dangerously and have a cinnamon-raisin bagel,” Mitchell says.) When she doesn’t have to do the Today show, she lifts weights with a trainer.

Eating carbs from a bagel is “living dangerously” while consuming that much caffeine is totally healthy, right?




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