Michael Avenatti, the lawyer representing porn star Stormy Daniels in her case against the president, announced on Twitter that he’s getting into a new line of work: asylum cases.

Avenattin then announced he has “at least 20 detained mothers and children as clients”:

That’s pretty impressive! He’s off to Texas today to meet with some of the parents and kids:

But representing asylum seekers is expensive, especially when you’re in Los Angeles and they’re hundreds if not thousands of miles away in different states. So Avenatti is asking for help to pay for their defense:

And as of the publication of this post, he’s raised less than $60,000 to help fund the defense of these 20 clients:

Avenatti did say he’s not taking a fee for his services, but the money will be used to cover his out-of-pocket expenses:

We are raising funds to pay for (a) release bonds to assist mothers who are attempting to gain release from detention centers so they can be reunited with their children and (b) out-of-pocket expenses for our work reuniting families and changing the policy.  No monies are going toward attorneys’ fees, and the uses of your money will be publicly disclosed.

Well, wouldn’t the $60,000 be better spent on hiring lawyers, you know, ALREADY IN TEXAS WHO SPECIALIZE IN IMMIGRATION AND ASYLUM CASES?