Via The Federalist’s Sean Davis, check out this Washington Post article from 2015 (remind us again who was president then) on “Mexican kids held for months as punishment for border-crossing”:

In this case, the detention of kids was seen as an effective deterrent because the drug cartels “knew they would not be prosecuted if caught” and the kids were being sent across the border multiple times:

You see, when President Obama’s administration says kids are being used by drug cartels and resorts to their detention as a deterrent, it’s totally cool:

But when the Trump administration utilizes similar tactics to try to cut down on illegal crossings? Forget about it:

But what might be worse for the current media narrative, the detentions worked:

Harris said the Border Patrol does not have a system to track what happens to the juveniles once they return to Mexico. The program does appear to be discouraging them from returning illegally to Texas, he said. The patrol calculates that just 7 percent of the children who have gone through the program have been picked up again crossing the border.

Read the entire 2015 Washington Post piece here.