Why aren’t we hearing more about the mass shooting in New Jersey that left 22 injured and one dead? Here’s why:

Exactly. More from NBC Philadelphia:

A New Jersey arts and music festival turned deadly early Sunday morning when a barrage of bullets flew into a large crowd, sending attendees stampeding and leaving 22 people injured and one suspect dead, authorities said.

The chaos broke out at the Arts All Night festival in Trenton around 2:45 a.m. Sunday, according to investigators.

The suspect who was killed, Tahajj Wells, was reportedly just released from prison:

Police had tried to shut down the festival earlier in the night because of a fights but it didn’t happen in time:

More from News 12

Police report that there were no metal detectors at the venue:

There were no metal detectors at the event, but Trenton’s mayor said Art All Night has been going on for 12 years and there has never been any problems in the past.

And there was a carjacking outside the event after the shooting took place:

Prosecutors say they are also investigating an attempted carjacking that took place in alleyway nearby in the aftermath of the shooting. They say a suspect approached a vehicle with three occupants, and possibly pointed gun at the individuals in the car. But it’s unclear if that incident is related to the festival shooting.

A second suspect is under arrest:

And apparently the gang members didn’t read any of the “don’t shoot people” material from the Moms Demand booth that was at the festival: