MSNBC’s Jacob Soboroff was one of the first reporters to tour the massive shelter for migrant children in Brownsville, TX and the conditions he encountered were shocking. Shocking because the conditions were so much nicer than those seen during the Obama administration where kids were routinely put in kennels. (TL;DR: Scroll down for the photos)

Check out his report:

OK, this is weird:

There are a lot of kids there:

No gang members though:

Soboroff was told the kids feel like they’re animals in cages when the media looks at them, so “smile”:

And they get outdoor time (How many hours per day do your kids spend outside on a school day? This is pretty good):

This isn’t so shocking, actually. Why should the media get free rein to tour a facility with children?

Management of the facility is doing a good job and professional:

Now for the kicker … there are “no cells or cages” like the ones we saw during the Obama administration, but they are forced to watch “Moana.” What is this, Gitmo? Call the UN!

Now for the pictures of what looks like pretty nice conditions:

Here’s the photo from the top right so you don’t have to click through:

Now compare that to the photos of kids in kennels during the Obama years:

And when he told Hayes that it felt like a prison, he was talking about how the kids ate their meals (see below). Which makes no sense because this looks like a school cafeteria and not a prison. Kids in America have barcodes on their ids, so this isn’t that shocking at all. And at schools across the country, kids eat in shifts during the day. Has Soboroff ever been to a prison cafeteria?

Wait … and now bedtime at 9 p.m. is an issue?

This is not going to have the impact he thinks it will have.