Mother Jones has a new article up today on a woman ‘enslaved by Salvadoran guerrillas’ that was just ruled ineligible for asylum by the Justice Department’s Board of Immigration Appeals. In summary, the board considered her forced labor to be material support of a terrorist organization and thusly, she’s not eligible for asylum in the United Staes:

Sounds bad, right? Mother Jones’ D.C. bureau chief and MSNBC talking head even called it “deplorable,” which is a common response of his to any number of stories on Donald Trump or Republicans:

Yes, David … it is deplorable that an immigration judge who worked with Janet Reno and a denial rate of only 4.7% in asylum cases denied this woman’s request but allowed her to stay in the country. And it’s also deplorable that the Department of Homeland security appealed Judge Brennan’s 2016 ruling in an effort to deport her. Remind us again who the deplorable president was in 2016?

A New York immigration judge, Noel Brennan, denied her asylum claim in 2016 but blocked her from being removed from the United States under the Convention Against Torture, citing her “slavery at the hands of the guerrillas.” The Department of Homeland Security appealed that ruling later the same year, sending the case to the Board of Immigration Appeals. On Wednesday, the board upheld Brennan’s asylum decision and requested that Brennan reconsider the decision to protect her from deportation.

More on Judge Noel Brennan:

Prior to her appointment, since June 1994, Judge Brennan served in the Department of Justice as the deputy assistant attorney general in the Office of Justice Programs where she was the chief architect of former Attorney General Janet Reno’s community justice agenda.

And according to these statistics, Judge Brennan is pretty freaking lenient in these asylum cases:

Compared to Judge Brennan’s denial rate of 4.7 percent, nationally during this same period, immigration court judges denied 52.8 percent of asylum claims. In the New York Immigration Court where Judge Brennan was based, judges there denied asylum 17.3 percent of the time. See Figure 2.

It’s really weird how this keeps happening that things that Obama did get died to Donald Trump. Why could that be?