And the hits just keep on coming for Joy Reid, this time from The Daily Beast who reports that insiders at MSNBC have lost confidence in the problematic host, save one. Care to guess?

If you guessed Rachel Maddow, you win a cookie:

One former high-level NBC producer, familiar with the cable network’s internal politics, pointed The Daily Beast to an April tweet from MSNBC’s top star Rachel Maddow as a compass for where this controversy was headed all along.

“Brains, guts, heart and soul—beloved Joy Reid has always been a treasured and brilliant colleague, but I’ve never been prouder to work with her than I am now,” the powerful primetime star wrote.

“This was the word of God that Joy Reid was safe.”

Here’s the tweet the ex-MSNBC suit pointed the The Daily Beast to:

Still proud, Rachel?








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