The Trump administration reportedly will soon start requiring parents to input their fingerprints when coming to pick up their children taken into custody at the border as unaccompanied minors, which seems like a wholly reasonable request and we wonder why it wasn’t done earlier. From NBC News:

But the decision isn’t going over very well and it’s being suggested that this really is just to cut down on illegal immigration:

Libs were outraged that the Trump administration lost 1500 unaccompanied minors in the system (which we told you weren’t really lost). They’ve been beating the Trump administration over the head with it for days. They purposely ignored that many of the kids weren’t missing at all and that their parents or sponsors were hiding from the government to avoid deportations.

So now that the Trump administration put in place a measure to increase security, he’s a Nazi:

Maybe we wouldn’t be in this mess today if President Selfie Stick had put this measure in place in 2016:

When such a proposal was floated under the Obama administration in 2016, ICE also wanted to use the fingerprints as a way to search for immigration status and possibly deport parents coming to claim their children. It is unclear whether the agencies will allow the fingerprints to be used for immigration enforcement in the agreement, which is still being finalized.



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