At today’s hearing in New York City on Michael Cohen, porn star Stormy Daniels’ attorney Michael Avenatti had a rough go of it as Judge Kimba Wood reprimanded him over his “publicity tour on television and elsewhere”:

Avenatti had wanted to appear on Daniels’ behalf if/when the Cohen matter moved forward, but after the slapdown by the judge, he withdrew that motion:

He can refile in the future if he wants to:

People quickly joked that is was so he could spend more time on CNN and MSNBC:

Cohen then talked to the media outside the courthouse and claimed victory as Cohen’s lawyer admitted the existence of audio tapes allegedly on a conversation on his client that breached attorney/client privileges:

And, of course, he headed on over to MSNBC to drop the unsubstantiated bomb that President Trump’s voice is on one of the tapes:

We. Shall. See.




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