Pee-pee tape? OUT! Elevator tape? IN!

Here’s the latest from The Daily Beast on President Trump’s relationship with TMZ’s Harvey Levin and an alleged video tape from an elevator with damaging information on it about then candidate Trump. According to The Daily Beast, the tape was sold before the media could report on it and “Harvey Levin may have tipped off the Trump campaign”:

Now, here’s EVERYTHING you need to know about the tape without having to read the entire article: There’s no proof it exists:

The Daily Beast has uncovered no proof that the tape exists after interviews with more than a dozen former and current TMZ staffers and others with knowledge of the situation.

But even though there’s still no proof it exists, it’s important. Or something:

But the actions that Levin took next, these sources felt, spoke volumes about his relationship with Trump.

Never change, media:

They’re acknowledging there’s no proof of it in print, so what’s the point?

And we’re already seeing speculation that the behavior on the tape is linked to Melania’s Trump alleged disappearance:

And enough with the fake tapes already, Tom Arnold. “Either hand them over to a journalist, post them to twitter, or stfu”:


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