The HuffPost’s Sam Stein is quite angry with his liberal readers for “just now waking up to the realities of the Obama-era immigrant detention policies” and he suggested we check HuffPost reporter Elise Foley’s past work on the issue:

So we did! And the number of children Obama tore from the arms of their loving parents is absolutely chilling:

Wow. Almost 72,000 parents! (But some of those parents may have been torn from the same children multiple times)

Now, we agree with this below and we know there was criticism from Obama’s left, which is why we knew so many libs were full of it when sharing the 2014 photos:

But, the criticism from Obama’s left was nowhere close to what we’re hearing today about Trump. Because if we use current liberal rhetoric as a guide — like this that we told you about earlier today from Amy Siskind…

…and this from Chelsea Handler…

…and this from McCain campaign chief Steve Schmidt…

…then Obama was a  Nazi, too.



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