Remember Scott Brunton? He’s the guy who accused actor George Takei of sexual assault after drugging him back in 1981.

Well, in a new interview out in the Observer, Brunton is backtracking in a big way and he’s not even sure it happened:

The opener:

A fabricated coffee meeting. Key facts withheld or walked back. A “great party story” about a sexual assault—which the accuser now says may not have actually happened.

What happens when an activist’s legacy is tarnished by the story of an old friend who later says it could have all been a misunderstanding? And how do we process such an anomaly in an era of overdue social justice?

The author of the piece also notes that no other accusations surfaced against Takei:

Brunton has some explaining to do:

Takei, however, does not “bear Mr. Brunton any ill will” and wishes him “peace”:

That’s nice of Takei to give Brunton a pass, but he should face charges.


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