“Internal docs” posted by Baltimore-based investigative reporter Jayne Miller show that Dawnta Harris, the 16-year-old teen accused of running over and killing a Baltimore police officer was supposed to be on house arrest at the time.

Even worse, these documents show that Harris was in violation of the house and should have been put in jail:

According to media reports, Harris, who has a long criminal history, admitted to running over Baltimore County Police Officer Amy Caprio with a Jeep:

Harris’ mother said in a press conference that she wanted her son in jail, but that his defense attorney was able to secure him house arrest (we’re going to need Snopes or PolitiFact to weigh in on this one):

She went on to blame the Department of Juvenile Services for not arresting him:

In a curse-filled Facebook post last night, Baltimore defense attorney Warren Brown said he’d take the case pro-bono:

Harris’ other attorney in the case, J. Wyndal Gordon, blamed the deceased officer for scaring the car theft suspect and no alleged murderer with her gun:

And hopefully body cam footage shows why Harris should be locked up for the rest of his life.



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