We’re seeing a lot of liberal outrage at this NBC News article on the Trump administration possibly reversing Obama-era rules that prohibit the hunting of predators on public lands in Alaska, especially as it’s been framed as hunting using “bacon and doughnuts” as bait:

Now, here’s how the Anchorage Daily News is covering the same, exact story:

However, it’s more complicated than the outrage bait above would suggest. Ending the Obama-era proposal would actually bring federal law back in line with state law, which is what the people of Alaska want. From the ADN:

In a proposed regulation published online Monday, the National Park Service floated plans to peel back National Park Service hunting restrictions established during the Obama administration in October 2015. The goal is to promote hunting and trapping activities and better align federal and state regulations, according to the park service.

National preserves are parts of national parks designated by Congress to allow fishing, hunting, mining or other resource extraction. Central to the dispute is a 1994 state law that focuses on controlling predators — wolves, bears and other carnivores — in order to keep game such as caribou abundant for hunters. The Obama-era park service said that federal law doesn’t support reducing predators to boost populations of their prey.

A law was put in place in 2016 to cover a similar regulation imposed by the Fish and Wildlife Service, but it did not cover the park service:

U.S. Rep. Don Young, R-Alaska, is vociferously opposed to the rule, which he said tramples on the state’s regulatory control over hunting. Young was able to pass a law revoking a similar Obama-era regulation issued by the Fish and Wildlife Service, because the administration issued it nearer to the end of President Barack Obama’s final term. But the park service rule remained in place.

This really is big issue in Alaska that’s been ignored in D.C.:

So, what happened to the importance of listening to local journalists? Nah … the blue-check mob only really cares about the DC/NYC based media and how local issues are framed through those eyes:

Laugh up, guys and keep ignoring those rural voters you hate. Maybe it will work out for you one of these days.