Today is, according to Twitter’s trending topics so it must be true, #NationalRescueDogDay and people are taking to Twitter to share photos of their awesome rescue dogs:

But, no offense to everyone, Meghan Markle’s rescue dog — a beagle — already wins #NationalRescueDogDay thanks in large part to this ride he got from London to Windsor with none other than Queen Elizabeth last week. Check it out:

Call Disney because a movie based on Guy’s life will be a sure hit! This adorable pooch was literally on the kill list at a Kentucky shelter before he made his way up to Canada for adoption. From The Guardian:

Guy’s unlikely journey began after a shelter in the US sent an email to Dolores Doherty, who runs an Ontario-based organisation, A Dog’s Dream Rescue, which saves beagles slated to be put down in the US and brings them to Canada to be adopted.

This time, a shelter in Kentucky was asking if she would be interested in a 17lb beagle that had been found in the woods. After he had spent days at the shelter, nobody had come forward to adopt him, and the dog was on the euthanasia list. “I always say yes,” said Doherty. “I can’t say no. I’m a sucker.”

A network of volunteers helped transport the dog more than 500 miles to the Canadian border, each of them driving him for one hour before handing him over to the next waiting car.

He hadn’t even been in Canada for a full day when Doherty brought him to an adoption event on the outskirts of Toronto. “He was just sitting there with those big beagle sad eyes, looking so depressed. He was irresistible,” said Doherty.

Dozens of people had turned up to meet the 20 or so dogs up for adoption, including Markle, who at the time was living in Toronto while her TV series Suits was being filmed.

And now he’s royalty!