Look at this delicious meal. How does it make you feel? Well, according to this article flying around Twitter, it will put you “in a terrible mood”:

According to the article, this is science:

It’s scientifically proven that fast food can leave you feeling depressed, irritable and pessimistic

Specifically, it’s the french fries:

Sharing her expertise with Business Insider, Rachel noted that the portion of fries you’d typically order along with your burger or nuggets is very rich in trans fats. Trans fats upset the balance of omega-3 fatty acids in the body, and research suggests having low levels of these acids can lead to a generally terrible mood.

PFFT! We literally feel happier just looking at that meal, let alone getting to eat it:

And don’t you dare come for our fries:

And, at the very least, you’re no longer hungry after eating it:

Don’t get us started on the magic of late-night Taco Bell:



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