Robert Runcie, superintendent of Broward County Public Schools, went on the record on Monday after a bombshell report by WLRN that exposed how the school district was caught lying about MSDHS shooter Nikolas Cruz’s referred to the controversial alternative disciplinary program known as PROMISE.

Runcie said he didn’t really lie about Cruz, but he did say this has put a “dent in our credibility”:

Well, duh. 17 dead students will do that.

More from Runcie’s interview with the Miami News Times where he blames “messy records” for his past misstatements:

Later, at the public forum, officials continued to support the PROMISE program saying things like, “be careful not to throw the baby out with the bathwater”:

There are 17 dead kids because a habitual offender wasn’t arrested and they’re talking about graduation rates?

Honestly, if these idiots thought Cruz’s past actions merited placement in the program, it’s doomed:

What do we want? How about, violent teens prosecuted for the crimes no matter if they happen on campus or not? Is that clear enough?

Parents weren’t happy, to say the least:

Wait. This wasn’t being done?

And there was no annual audit of the program?

With all that said, Miami-based filmmaker Billy Corben points out that Runcie has been caught lying before so there’s really no reason to believe what he’s saying now:

Gov. Rick Scott is urging further investigation by the state’s commission on the shooting: