As we told you earlier, former New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman was forced to resign yesterday after Ronan Farrow nuked him with an article in the New Yorker with allegations he was physically abusive to four women.

Anti-Trump Louise Mensch, however, quickly defended the slavery role-player and blamed — wait for it — Russia and Vladimir Putin for his downfall:

You see, when Schneiderman allegedly told his Sri Lankan girlfriend to call him “master” and “brown slave” as he slapped her was just “horseplay”:

This is a “commonplace heterosexual fantasy,” she argued:

And the “brown slave” consented to it:

When asked why Schneiderman resigned if it was really a Putin plot and his bedroom antics were just “horseplay,” she had an answer for that too:

You see, Schneiderman did so to protect the investigation into Donald Trump:

Yeah … crying laughing is our reaction, too:

We do wonder how Putin got to the women, though: