There’s a new article out in the New York Times alleging that the Washington Redskins arranged for male advertising sponsors and fans to attend a topless photo shoot of the team’s cheerleaders during a calendar shoot in Costa Rica in 2013:

According to the New York Times, during one night on the trip, 9 of the women on the squad were singled out and chosen to act as “personal escorts at a nightclub.” A cheerleader is quoted as saying, “They weren’t putting a gun to our heads, but it was mandatory for us to go”:

Although the escorting was not sexual, the cheerleaders described it as “pimping us out”:

Response from the Redskins:

And as our friends at Hot Air point out, except for the creepy topless and pimping parts of the trip, everyone seemed OK with it:

None of the Times’s sources seemed to dislike their job-job, though. They even understood and accepted that the squad’s sex appeal will be used to market it. Business is business. What they didn’t like is the non-job part of the job, particularly feeling ambushed into private performances for strange men whom they didn’t feel they could say no to.

A quick search of the Redskins’ Twitter account shows the team heavily promoted the trip with a series of photos of the scantily clad women along with (no longer active) links to video diaries from the trip:

Other photos and videos were shared on the official account for the cheerleading squad, @1stLadiesOfFB:

The calendar shoots are an annual tradition with the 2018 trip set for Cabo San Lucas, Mexico: