The Obama Bros are at it again today, this time attacking the New York Post’s Seth Mandel for using an exact quote from Tommy Vietor against him.

First up, this is the exchange that set Jon Favreau and Vietor off today (“Dancing Israelis” is a 9/11 conspiracy theory that Israelis celebrated as the towers came down):

Vietor chimed in first, tweeting “Just casually accusing people of antisemitism because you disagree with their political views”:

Actually, no. Mandel was responding to Vietor’s quote from yesterday saying, “the Israelis are cooking up intel”:

Favreau jumped in as well, calling Mandel’s tweet “pretty sick stuff”:


But, again, back to Vietor. “Cooking up intel” is “full alt-right Alex Jones”:

Favreau conveniently leaves this out:

Both of them should sit this one out, actually:

And as for Mandel’s original “dancing Israelis” dig, Maybe Favreau can explain to his “Pod Saves America” fans that it never happened?

For example: