As we told you the other day, Dick’s Sporting Goods “must really really want to go out of business” as the company decided to destroy rifles that the company decided to no longer sell rather than return them to the manufacturer or sell them to another retailer.

Now, it’s not clear from any of the reporting just how many guns are being destroyed, but the NRA did get this good zinger on the company’s “strange business model”:

Well, yes … Dick’s can do whatever it wants with its guns, but that still doesn’t mean it makes business sense:

Dick’s can do whatever it wants, as far as we’re concerned. But that doesn’t make it a smart business decision, which is what the NRA pointed out:

Narrator voice: The point of a company is to make money:

Tell us more about how nobody wants to ban all semi-automatic guns in America:

And as far anti-gun publicity stunts go, this move by Dick’s still pales in comparison to the geniuses over at Delta:



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