There’s a video flying around lefty circles of U.S. District court nominee Wendy Vitter, wife of former Louisiana Senator David Vitter, refusing to answer a question on Brown v. Board of Education. Have a watch:

According to libs, she’s unfit to serve because of it:

But as folks are pointing out, this is total spin. Judicial nominees refuse to comment on SCOTUS rulings all the time:

Popehat weighed in as well, calling Vitter’s answer a “fairly standard approach to” answering questions like this:

Yes, the case is a shocking example, but “a significant number of nominees take this stance about cases”:

This is nothing new, at all:

Attention libs: “You are likely getting played”:

And it’s “intentionally dishonest” of those spinning it:

Yep. Here are just a few of the tweets from the mob:

And if you don’t believe us, how about The Daily Beast? Jay Michaelson writes that the attack is “not really fair”:

Did one of Trump’s judicial nominees really say that Brown v. the Board of Education, the landmark Supreme Court case ending segregated schools, may have been wrongly decided?

Sort of – but only to hide her extreme views on abortion.

So far, every one of the pro-life judges that Trump has nominated has followed the same script on abortion: refuse to answer whether Roe v. Wade was rightly decided, but say that you’ll put aside your personal views and follow Supreme Court precedent.

Wendy Vitter, nominated to the federal bench in the Eastern District of Louisiana, was following that script Wednesday when Senator Richard Blumenthal said, well, okay, what about Brown?

“I get into a difficult area,” Vitter replied, “when I start commenting on Supreme Court decisions ― which are correctly decided, which I disagree with. Again, my personal, political or religious views, I would set aside.”


So, now there are headlines like “Trump federal judicial nominee refuses to say whether she supports racial segregation in schools.”

That’s not really fair, but it’s hard to feel much sympathy for Vitter, whose anti-science, anti-choice comments have been so extreme that she failed to disclose them in her judicial questionnaire.  That’s the real scandal.

So it’s “not really fair” but, ABORTION! Fire away, libs!


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