As we told you earlier, we’re being criticized for our posts showing you conservatives and their guns because it’s allegedly bad for the 2nd Amendment and bad for the GOP … or something. Here was our response to that criticism, ICYMI:

Anyway, we don’t think these photos of Americans exercising their Constitutional right to carry a firearm are bad at all, especially at a time when many in the media as well as the Democratic party are attempting to curb those rights. So we thought we’d show you one more Instagram model with a gun. Are you ready?

Be warned, this could be the hottest one yet:

Great choice on the holster! We love how it accentuates the 1911 perfectly:

Here’s a better shot of the combo:

Shop this look yourself for only $45, via Ebay.

And although we’re a family-friendly website, here it is … nekkid:





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