Former Obama adviser and current CNN political analyst David Axelrod offered up a very reasonable take on impeachment and Donald Trump, arguing that if Dems do so without a “demonstrable case,” it will “‘normalize’ impeachment as a political tool” and be a “hammer blow to our democracy”:

Former Attorney General Eric Holder even agreed with him:

But not many other blue-check liberals. Check out the hate…

From billionaire donor Tom Steyer:

Simon Malloy, Media Matters:

Brian Beutler, Crooked Media:

The liberal Palmer Report:

Journalist and author Tom Watson:

Actor/producer/director Steven Pasquale:

From @NYCSouthpaw:

Adam Weinstein, editor:

Michael Arceneaux, author:

Jonathan Katz, author:

Axelrod then fired back at Steyer, calling the impeachment talk “great fodder for your TV ads.” HAHAHA:

It’s always great when they eat their own, especially 7 months out from an election.