In a now deleted tweet, Marie Claire magazine thought it would be a fun idea to do a story on Meghan Markle and a single gray hair you can only see if you zoom in really, really close on a picture that was snapped of the soon-to-be princess after she left her home:

Twitter, to say the least, was not amused:

Be prepared for pain, Marie Claire:

Not only was it a dumb take, but it was wrong. We see more gray hairs in that zoomed in pic:

It appears Marie Claire didn’t think this one through, especially in light of how Princess Diana was treated by the press:

What’s worse for Marie Claire is that they were actually trying to say the gray hair was empowering, but you only  figure that out if you click the link:

Meghan Markle Has a Single Gray Hair
And it is magnificent.

Important news: Meghan Markle, human, has a gray hair. She revealed this truth when she left the house and it was, well, right there on her head.

It is glorious because, same.


But even folks who read the article still hated it:

The article, however, is still live. Check it out for yourselves: