Using the new rules imposed on broadcasters by our betters in the blue-check media who told us the totally bland promo script handed down by management at Sinclair Broadcasting was a threat to democracy, this outrageous display of support for the pro-Trump “Roseanne” show by these alleged independent ABC News “journalists” MUST NOT STAND:

It’s the same thing, right? George Stephanopoulos, ABC News’ premier political reporter and host of “This Week,” just sits there, in the words of a former Sinclair news director, lending his “credibility to shoddy reporting and commentary that, if it ran in other countries, we would rightly dismiss as state propaganda”:

And we were told that people in the TV news business never, ever read something on air prepared for them by the parent corporation:

Now, we’re OK with ABC promoting its entertainment on an ABC News show (yes, “GMA” is in the news division). But maybe these unhinged liberals who are furious at the “Roseanne” showrunner for asking viewers to separate the show from the star can bring their displeasure up with Stephanopoulos who just sat there smirking?

If you’re mad at Sinclair, get mad at ABC News . It’s only fair.