Over the weekend, a story broke about woman in Texas who was sentenced to 5 years in prison after it was determined she voted illegally in the 2016 election while out of prison on probation. Yes, this sentence does seem long but the one important detail overlooked in this now mega-viral tweet thread from Daily Show writer Dan Amira is that the woman was convicted of stealing millions of dollars from taxpayers in a fraudulent tax-refund scheme she ran with her now ex-husband. Could it be that the 5-year sentence has more to do with the severity of her past crime and not on, you know, the color of her skin? Probably so, but hey, why not make it a racial issue to feed the narrative:

Shouldn’t Amira point out that the woman on the right isn’t a felon and that’s why she was given a break?

Again, maybe 5 years is too harsh but let’s not pretend the severity is really because of an “accidental vote”: