Freaking hypocrites.

Elon Musk and Cher, in response to the Cambridge Analytica–Facebook brouhaha, deleted their Facebook pages:

For Musk it was easy because he didn’t know his companies even had a Facebook page:

But for Cher, it was harder:

Well, it’s pretty easy to give something up — like Facebook — if you have another social media platform to use — like Instagram, which just happens to be owned by Facebook.

Musk thinks Instagram is OK even though it’s a Zuckerberg enterprise:

It also might have something to do with SpaceX’s 3 million Instagram followers and Tesla’s 4 million Instagram followers and that he uses the company to promote his endeavours.

We’re not sure if Cher knows that Instagram is owned by evil Facebook, but here she is using Instagram (764,000 followers) while on a private jet on her way to the March For Our Lives in DC:

Guys … deleting Facebook to punish Facebook doesn’t count if you just give Facebook more business.