Police in Tempe, Arizona have released the dashcam video of the fatal crash between an Uber autonomous vehicle and a woman from earlier this week. There are two clips below, one from the exterior of the car looking forward and one from the interior looking at the driver. The clip cuts off at impact, but we’ll warn you now that it’s pretty graphic:

As you can clearly see in the video, the safety driver is not looking at the road when the crash occurs:

But worse for Uber, there are questions as to why the car didn’t stop or attempt to miss the woman:

Tempe’s police chief is also under fire after he said, before the video was released, that it would’ve been “difficult to avoid this collision in any kind of mode”:

It doesn’t look good for the chief:

Automobile experts think Uber’s car should have been able to avoid the collision:

Current technology can already do this:

In summary, Uber has a lot of questions to answer and it doesn’t look good for them, at all: