Fox News’ Tomi Lahren is under fire after she posted a video to Instagram claiming to have kicked her dog “about five times” because the adorable little pet was chewing too loudly on her “damn bone” during a phone-in segment. Watch for yourself:

And PETA called Tomi “heartless” over the video:

“Only a heartless person would kick a dog just for doing what dogs normally do — and a reasonable person would simply have moved out of the way or moved the animal,” PETA’s Senior Director of Cruelty Casework Stephanie Bell told TheWrap in a statement.

But TMZ later caught up with Tomi where she said, “I think people are pretty logical and they understand it was a joke.”

We’re pretty sure Tomi meant it as a joke, but Americans love their pets. Can she really be annoyed that people reacted the way they did to her own video?