There’s a clip going around from a hearing today where Rep. Ruben Gallego (D-AZ), while questioning Secretary of the Interior and former Navy SEAL Ryan Zinke, seemed to question the intelligence of Navy SEALs.

“I know you’re a Navy SEAL and math might be difficult, but you know, give me a rough number here,” Rep. Gallego asks.

The Natural Resources committee feed, which is chaired by Republican Rep. Rob Bishop, added to the clip “Leave it to Committee Democrats to disgrace the service of a Navy SEAL for political gain…”:

What this clip leaves out, however, is that Gallego is a decorated U.S. Marine who saw combat in Iraq and this was obviously a joke:

We originally thought maybe the Republican-run Twitter account was joking, too, but then we saw this retweet of criticism of Gallego which appears to show they’re serious about it:

Do better, GOP.