Who’s ready for the Oscars this Sunday?!

What … nobody raised their hand? We feel ya…

But, hey … we’ll be covering it and this suggestion from Pat Sajak might just make it a little more bearable. How ’bout it Hollywood? Help us ou!

That’s probably “still too long,” though:

Or there’s this suggestion from Dennis Miller. Hopefully he live tweets it:

Heck, even Piers Morgan gets it:

We assume Harvey Weinstein will be the focus of some of the joke, at the very least. Check out this statue honoring the film icon that showed up on Hollywood Boulevard this week (yes, he’s doing what you think he’s doing with his right hand):

As for the Hollywood and the #MeToo movement, professional misogynist Jimmy Kimmel will once again host the spectacle:

But celebrities won’t be wearing black on the red carpet for the Oscars. Fashion over politics, y’all:

See you Sunday!