Earlier on Friday, the Twitter account BRD Polling put out a “poll” on the PA-18 Congressional race showing Democrat — and underdog — Conor Lamb with a 1-point lead over Republican Rick Saccone:

But who are these “pollsters” anyway?

Well, they’re fake and have a history of fake polls:

The account put out a statement defending the stunt, writing “If you fell for this, too bad. You’re way too gullible and should probably receive some sort of treatment”:

Gullible liberals? NAH.

Full text here:

Official Statement on the Fate of BRD

By Timothy Blumenthal

Hello everyone. I guess I’ll just start off with the obvious. Yes, Blumenthal Research Daily is a fake pollster. The numbers used were random and I did little to no research before piecing together a rather sloppy google doc. The intended effect was self-explanatory, and as I was piecing together this train-wreck of a poll I was thinking through a four step process which goes as follows:

  1. Take a race garnering national attention
  2. Be the first to post a “poll” showing the underdog leading
  3. Bask in the attention received by supporters of said underdog
  4. Have a laugh at the poor naive souls who fell for this as well as the smart people who catch on to this being an obvious troll.

Notice how not one of those steps mentioned anything about PredictIt or any monetary gain. It is true I have gone on PredictIt and a great number of people in the comment sections of its markets were aware of BRD, although I never spent a penny on the markets I posted polls for. To say I did this for monetary gain is simply untrue, and even if it was, it would not have worked in the slightest. Other than a few hopeful Conor Lamb fans, almost nobody fell for the poll. People were quick to catch on, which did not surprise me in the slightest. I literally made the poll in fifteen minutes.

If you fell for this, too bad. You’re way too gullible and should probably receive some sort of treatment. If you caught on, good job but thank you for giving me exactly what I was looking for by allowing it to go viral. Also extra shoutout to Mr. Barro over at MSNBC for wanting me to be criminally investigated. Highlight of the day for sure.

As for who assisted me, this was a purely solo project. I had zero support from KG Polling or whatever other fellow pollsters were out there. They knew I was fake, of course, and LARPed in the comments, but we did not collaborate on any polls.

(just kidding kdawg helped with the data)