In an interview with the Miami Herald, Stoneman Douglas H.S. student and survivor of the Valentine’s Day shooting at the school gave the Broward Sheriff’s Office and the FBI a pass in their handling of the before, during and aftermath of the horrific incident:

On the Broward County Sheriff’s Office and the FBI:

Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel said Thursday that your school resource officer failed to act during the shooting. Do you blame him?

I don’t really know if I can blame anybody except for the shooter himself and the people he got the gun from. But I am obviously very disappointed that the officer froze when he did. Maybe he could have done something to help.

He was scared. Nobody should have to deal with that, especially at a school. Nobody’s supposed to deal with that stuff. Assault rifles and semi-automatic weapons shouldn’t be sold in the United States. Those are weapons of war and should be reserved for war.

There are a lot of things that need to be discussed here, but the main thing is the weapon itself caused an incredible amount of damage. And it prevented the good guy from getting to him and preventing the damage from getting worse.

I really resent when people are saying that the FBI is to blame for this. That’s not true at all. The FBI helped us get out of the building.

She also said the students “were really upset” that Dana Loesch criticized Sheriff Scott Israel during CNN’s town hall:

Is Sheriff Israel and the Broward Sheriff’s Office to blame?

When Dana Loesch was going at Scott Israel in the town hall, a lot of people were really upset about the fact that she was laying into him like that, saying that it was his fault, that this should have been prevented because of him. That’s not true. This tragedy would not have been nearly as bad if these guns had not been involved in the first place.

As we told you earlier, fellow MSDHS student David Hogg has been defending the inaction of the Broward Deputy school resource officer who failed to take action while Cruz was still killing his former classmates:

And let’s not forget the FBI role in this eff up: