While Twitchy favorite Dana Loesch was in a back-and-forth with a liberal gun-grabber, Mark Hamill, best known as Luke Skywalker, of course, corrected the NRA national spokesperson’s grammar when she used a “your” instead of a “you’re”:

L.O.L. Imagine a scene from “Empire Strikes Back” where Luke corrects Yoda’s grammar?

Yoda: “Adventure. Excitement. A Jedi craves not these things.”
Luke: “Actually, Yoda, it should be ‘A Jedi does not crave these things.”
Yoda: “I f*cking told Obi Wan to put the girl on Tatooine and the boy on Alderaan.”

Yes Dana, yes. Let the hate flow through you:

That’s not likely. Did Luke ever complain about Yoda letting his dad kill all the Younglings in Episode III? Nope, not a peep.


Editor’s Note: We corrected a typo in the headline. It’s Jar Jar Binks, not Banks. Ugh.