As we told you earlier, NRA spox Dana Loesch accepted an invitation to participate in CNN’s town hall on the Parkland shooting later tonight. And as you might imagine, libs didn’t  take the news very well.

Here are the top 10 most unhinged reactions we’ve seen so far.

1. She should shove her “clenched fist in her mouth”:

2. “Professional gun nut”:

3. She’s encouraging violence:

4. She’s “spooked”:

5. It’s like an episode of “Real Housewives”:

6. Why was she even invited?

7. “Gun manufacturer shill”:


9. She’s going to “yell at teenagers”:

10. And finally, Rep. Ted Lieu, who represents the party that doesn’t control a majority of state legislatures, governorships, House, Senate, White House or Supreme Court on the size of his fist:

Tune in tonight!