Whoa. According to a report Friday night on CBS News, the FBI only has “about two dozen” employees to handle the 1000 or so tips that come in each day to the FBI:

No wonder they missed the Nikolas Cruz tips.

And Mueller has what, like 17 lawyers alone on staff to investigate Russia and Trump? From the Weekly Standard in December 2017:

Special counsel Robert Mueller may be the most well-known figure in the special counsel’s office (SCO), but the attorneys Mueller has assembled for his investigation into connections between the Trump campaign and Russian government during the 2016 election are a prosecutorial dream team. The SCO has declined to identify two of the 17 lawyers on staff, but the other 15 have taken down smugglers, gangs, and terrorists in court along with more mundane white collar criminals; they have clerked for Supreme Court justices and worked for some of the country’s most prestigious law firms. As pressure grows on Mueller’s investigation on multiple fronts, his team will be facing increasing scrutiny as well.

If American can find the money to fund the Mueller probe, then certainly we can find the money to increase the FBI budget for handling tips like the ones that could have prevented the massacre in Parkland, Fla. this week.

And then there’s this: