WSJ reporter Jonathan Cheng deleted a tweet and apologized after he helped spread an unverified report out of South Korea that NSC Asia director Matthew Pottinger had suggested the U.S. would give North Korea a “bloody nose” in a limited military strike that “might help in the midterm elections.”

Cheng wrote on Twitter, “It was a mistake to tweet the report from Hankyoreh about comments purportedly made by the NSC’s Matt Pottinger without verification, and I’ve deleted it. The NSC has denied the report, calling it an ‘unsourced, unbylined, untrue accusation.'”

The deletion came after Sarah Huckabee Sanders slapped down the report and asked why Cheng didn’t reach out to the White House before tweeting:

Some journalists and experts questioned the veracity of the report immediately:

But not all. The story is still spreading on liberal Twitter racking up thousands and thousands of retweets:

And this Washington Post reporter still has her tweet up on the discredited story…

…which she later tweeted was “totally untrue”:

It looks like a translation error might be to blame:

In short, do better media: