Just when you think Dems can’t get more unhinged, they get more unhinged.

Case in point is this tweet from California Dem Rep. Ted Lieu on layoffs at Kimberly-Clark, maker of Huggies diapers:

Lieu was responding to this tweet linking to the New York Times that said the company will use the tax cut to pay for the job cuts and “other restructuring moves”:

But did Lieu actually read the article? Answer: NOPE! From RedState’s Caleb Howe who notes that the reason the company is laying off employees in the first place is because of declining worldwide birth rates:

Yes, this is exactly what he’s arguing:

Lieu also missed the part in the article where the tax cuts are being used to pay worker severance:

Exactly right. The GOP tax cut is actually helping these workers, but Lieu won’t admit it.


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