The people over at Slate think this photo of President Trump at his desk on the phone is “hilarious” for some reason:

Slate also thinks it’s funny because President Trump has nothing on his desk:

The most (unintentionally) funny photo is surely the one showing Trump sitting at his desk on the phone. “I too conduct most of my most important work with a phone in my hand and nothing on my desk, while staring vacantly off into space,” Daily Beast editor Erin Gloria Ryan wrote on Twitter. Producer Rob Hedrick has a question regarding the photo: “Working on what … Sitting on hold?”

Other desk truthers even tried to claim that the clean desk is a sign of the president’s intelligence:

Right. Because former President Obama was never filmed in a similar pose with an empty desk?

As for the lack of family photos, that’s a lie, too. Trump’s chair is blocking them, as seen in this shot from the AP (Evan Vucci):

And we’re really going to need the Left to make up their mind. Is President Trump bad because he has a clean desk or because it’s messy?





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